Bayswater Support shares concerns about Telegraph investigation into GenderGP

1 March 2021

Bayswater Support Group is gravely concerned about the implications of the investigative article in The Daily Telegraph on 27 February. The response of Gender GP, as posted on its website, is further confirmation that they are happy to provide these drugs to our children without parental input and support, proper safeguards or verification of medical history. 

  • GenderGP exploits a legal loophole to sell cross-sex hormones such as the anabolic steroid testosterone to minors, without any contact with parents. It allows young people access to drugs that are deemed experimental by the UK High Court. 
  • Contrary to normal prescribing practices as outlined in the General Medical Council Guidance on Prescribing, the doctors working with GenderGP may not have access to medical records, nor does the prescribing doctor have to meet the individual for whom he is prescribing: Gender GP claims that ‘Not everyone needs in-person consultations with one of our doctors’. 
  • Taxpayer-backed charity Mermaids is often signposted by schools, social workers, GPs and Camhs to parents of trans-identified young people as a source of reliable information and advice. Mermaids allows its forum members to promote GenderGP, an organisation circumventing UK prescribing protocols for children and adolescents.
  • We note an ongoing lack of clinical curiosity within medical and psychological professions about the exponential increase in young people pursuing interventions. 

“Gender GP has taken it upon themselves to override the recent Keira Bell judgement and continue with its assertion that children can consent to life-altering medications, and do so without any parental involvement.” 

“We are asking UK authorities why children are able to obtain these medications online, and why non-UK doctors are prescribing drugs contrary to UK guidelines. We are concerned that a swathe of young people will access medications without the multidisciplinary team approach and judicial intervention advocated by the NHS and the High Court.”

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