Society didn't anticipate the steep rise in number of children questioning their gender over the past decade and to a large extent is still considering its significance and implications. Writers have begun to approach the subject from various perspectives, and we offer some title suggestions below as a way for parents to read around the subject, and to situate their own family's experiences within a wider context. Doubtless this phenomenon will continue to be studied for decades to come.


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Edited by Heather Brunskell Evans and Michelle Moore, these two books explore the new phenomenon of transgender children.

About Transgender Children and Young People: This book is a collection of essays about the current theory and practice of transgendering children. Essays are written against the grain of the popularised medical definition of the transgender child as a young person whose true gender lies in the brain, or pre-social identity. 

About Inventing Transgender Children and Young People: Far from just investigating how they are invented the authors demonstrate the considerable psychological and physical harms perpetrated on children and young people by transgender ideology, and offer tangible examples of where and how adults should intervene to protect them.