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Desist, Detrans and Detox

 Author: Maria Keffler  Category: Adolescence, Cultural Context, Parenting, Transgender Children and Young people, Transition  Publication Year: 2021
 About this book:

Blindsided when a child suddenly announces a transgender identity, many parents today find their families under assault by an insidious predator: the billion-dollar gender industry. “Do you want a live son (daughter) or a dead daughter (son)?” Nearly every parent whose child has fallen into the gender industry’s clutches has heard the same emotionally manipulative threat: agree to your child’s immediate social and medical transition, or prepare for the child’s suicide. Schools, healthcare providers, politicians, and an aggressive activism machine are coercing people—and especially children—down a destructive path of medicalization in the name of transgender medicine. Caught in the maelstrom of gender identity politics, medical experimentation, and a cultural zeitgeist that paints the family as an oppressor, parents are lied to from every quarter, and told they must consent to their children’s gender transition and medicalization. But there is a different—and saner—path. A growing cadre of parents are saying, “No,” to the gender machine’s unethical and deceptive narrative. Based on sound principles of psychology and child development, as well as on strategies used by parents who have pulled their children back from the gender cult’s destructive ideology, Desist, Detrans, & Detox: Getting Your Child Out of the Gender Cult provides a roadmap to help families navigate the treacherous terrain of gender indoctrination, and bring their children back to reality and safety.

Bayswater Review:


“An essential read for parents just starting this journey with their child. This book offers useful insights and approaches on how to get your child questioning what gender is. There’s  some very logical advice which in hindsight is obvious but  gets lost in the midst of initial confusion and emotions when dealing with a childs sudden trans identity. `I highly recommend for parents new to this journey.”