We have collated a list of media articles, blogs and podcasts that cover a variety of topics, from help for your child to understanding the wider context of your child's experience.

The articles below are not written by us, they are links to external sites that we, as parents, found useful in our serch for information about what was happening with our children. We are sure you will find something here that gives you hope, knowledge or just reassurance that you are not alone.

ROGD (3)

Jungian therapist Lisa Marchiano has written some very good blogs and articles about what is happening with our adolescents. She offers some really good advice for parents caught up in this phenomenon.  Her suggestions for how parents can best cope with their situation is laid out in two blog posts here.

Her article 'Waiting' was published on the website of 4th Wave Now. It is a tough and emotional read, but one that resonates with many of our parents.

Marchiano also covers her take on 'trans ac

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