A Mother and Daughter Speak About Their Experience of Adolescent Trans Identity

Earlier this year, a mother and daughter were interviewed by Evan Davis on BBC Radio 4’s PM programme, describing their experience of navigating the daughter’s adolescent trans identity. Whilst the full programme is sadly no longer available to listen to on BBC Sounds, we have provided a clip from the interview below.

The daughter describes the context in which her trans identity arose and how she ultimately came to understand that transition was not the answer for her. The mother talks about the risk that social transition could exacerbate distress about the body and undermine the ability to understand the reasons for a child’s distress. Both emphasis the importance of keeping options open even when a child seems certain about their identity.

Listen to the full clip here:

Evan Davis interviews a mother and daughter about their experience of adolescent gender distress

We also posted a shorter clip on our Twitter account, which is still available to listen to.