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Those of us who give our time to our support group do so because we want to help fellow parents who are facing the same difficult parenting decisions as us. So of course we love to hear when our efforts have been useful. One dad wrote to us recently:


Wow, that information has been amazingly helpful and so professionally delivered. You do not know how much comfort that has given us. We will talk through this tonight and hopefully find a good time to discuss this in person. It has been so easy to fall into the trap of “the only solution is hormones” when so many examples suggest otherwise.


There's no bigger decision that parents are involved in than working out how to respond to your gender-distressed child's request for life-changing hormones (puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones). Parents arrive at different conclusions, drawing on their own past lives, the advice of family, friends and experts like doctors, and the views of other parents, and this dad had written t