The Trans Train and Transgender Regret Documentaries

Investigative journalists in Sweden have now produced three reports looking at the treatment given to those who seek gender transition, and who later regret their decision. All three parts are in Swedish with English subtitles.

Part 1:

The lack of research into the change in the presentation to gender clinics towards teenage girls is worrying to many parents and clinicians. This documentary follows up some of those young women who felt they had made a mistake in following a medical path.

Part 2:

Swedish politicians argue that fifteen-year-olds with gender dysphoria [sic] should be allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery without consent from their parents. If not permitted, it is said that ​they are at great risk of committing suicide. But is this really true? Swedish news programme Mission, continues to investigate transgender health care and explores the arguments put forward by politicians.

Part 3:

Having seen referrals to gender clinics in Sweden drop by up to 65% over the last quarter of 2019, clinicians attribute it in part to the media coverage sparked by this documentary series. This update from Autumn 2020, shows how some clinics are beginning to take a more critical look at what is happening to young people identifying as transgender.

And from The Netherlands:

A Dutch documentary about transgender regret

“…this is a documentary that shows the dark side of the transition, and a person brave enough to speak about it.”