Trans Kids vs. Gay Kids: The Battle Over Gender Non-Conforming Children

Arty Morty is a gay man who has significant concerns that many children who would otherwise grow up to be gay, are being directed down the path to ‘being trans’. In this YouTube video, he discusses being gay vs being trans. 

From the You Tube blurb:

“So you’ve got a gender-nonconforming child who is in distress. You are at a crossroads: you can choose from two different models of how to raise your child, and that is going to strongly influence how they end up as an adult. You can direct that child towards becoming a gay adult, or you can direct that child towards becoming a trans adult. The question becomes: what is the better approach to take? Is it better to be trans than gay; is it better to be gay than trans? What is the best outcome for these children?”

You can also hear an interview with him by Stella O’Malley and Sasha Ayad, on their podcast Gender: A Wider Lens.