Below you will find links to videos may parents have found useful, from documentaries that have aired in the last few years, to more personal videos from individuals with an interest in why so may young people are identifying as transgender.

SUPPORT: Alternative to affirmation of transgender / ROGD teens (PART 1)

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Affirmation vs Support - Parents of teens who suddenly self-identify as being transgender are often caught by surprise. They want to support their teen, but often the new transgender identity does not ring true. This video s from the parent of a child with ROGD, and talks about how to use the support model to help her child.

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Other video links:

Trans Kids: It's time to talk

This documnetary from psychotherapist Stella O'Malley considers the huge rise in numbers of young people embarking on gender transition, through the prism of the gender identity issues that she experienced when she was a child.

Benjamin A Boyce: Gender Sexuality and Transition

This is a series of interviews about transgenderism, conducted with professional researchers, psychologist, trans people and people who have desisted from transition. He showcases a variety or perspectives and voices.