Web links

Here you will find links to websites, videos, podcasts, scientific journals and many other sources of valuable information. If there are any you think we’ve missed, please let us know!


SEGM (Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine  –   www.segm.org

SEGM aim to promote safe, compassionate, ethical and evidence informed healthcare for children, adolescents and young adults with gender dysphoria. An international collaboration of nearly 100 clinicians and researchers concerned about the quality of evidence underpinning the affirmative model of care.


Transgender Trend – www.transgendertrend.com

This site covers information on all aspects of the transition of children, from teaching in schools to government legislation. It provides schools information packs, as well as a wealth of information on the scientific, medical and social impacts of the transgender movement. UK based.

Safe Schools Alliance - safeschoolsallianceuk.net

An organisation dedicated to the safeguarding of children in schools, they work with parents, teachers and educational professionals to ensure safeguarding in placed at the centre of policy making. They provide template letters for parents and guidance for schools on how to create policies that provide support and protection for all children. They can put you in touch with local hubs, to link up with others in your area to help influence school policies. UK based


Gender Health Query - www.genderhq.org

A site of LGBT groups concerned about the adverse effects of gender ideology and early medicalisation of gender dysphoric young people on gender non conforming and LGBT youth.


4th Wave Now - 4thwavenow.com

A collection of articles, writings and blog posts from different sources on the subject of transgender ideology and politics and the transitioning of gender atypical youth. Includes perspectives from parents, gender questioning youth, clinicians, detransitioned young people and others with an interest in the current wave of gender discussion.


The Detransition Advocacy Network - @detransAdNet

A support network of detransitioned and desisted individuals who are critical of the way young people are too readily medicalised, without understanding the contributing factors to developing a transgender identity, such as trauma, neurodiversity and homophobia. They oppose the harms being caused by an affirmation model of treatment.


The GD working group - gdworkinggroup.org

An international forum to share a wide range of informed views on the key research findings so that clinicians are empowered to evaluate these critically. A group hoping to wiiden the dialogue in this important field of health care.


Parents of ROGD - www.parentsofrogdkids.com

This website hosts many stories from parents of trans identified children. Many are heart wrenching, but demonstrate the diversity and commonality of ROGD.


Pique Resilience Project - www.piqueresproject.com

Four detransitioned and desisted young women, who reached varying degrees of transition talk openly and frankly about their experiences and provide information and signposting to other detransitioners.


Gender Challenge – genderchallenge.no

A Scandinavian group of parents and detransitioners, this site provides very comprehensive resources debunking the evidence implying that transition is overwhelming successful


Canadian Gender Report – genderreport.ca

Canadian site with references and articles exposing lack of independence and validity of WPATH guidelines