Articles: Therapist Lisa Marchiano

The parents I speak with overwhelmingly love their children. They are interested in supporting their children in growing to adulthood with healthy bodies. They want to support their child’s emerging identity by allowing wide-ranging exploration of different orientations and interests. And they want to guide their child in weighing long-term consequences so that he or she can make wise decisions.

Lisa Marchiano, Trans-activism’s Dangerous Myth of Parental Rejection

Jungian therapist Lisa Marchiano has written some very good blogs and articles about what is happening with our adolescents. She offers some really good advice for parents caught up in this phenomenon.  Her suggestions for how parents can best cope with their situation is laid out in two of her blog posts. They are well worth a read.

Her article ‘Waiting’ was published on the website of 4th Wave Now. It is a tough and emotional read, but one that resonates with many of our parents.

Marchiano has also written for Quilette, covering ‘trans activism’s dangerous myth of parental rejection‘, detransitioners and ‘Misunderstanding a new Kind of Gender Dysphoria

Marchiano also answers the pleading question of a teen with gender dysphoria on her blog. She does this in a sensitive and thoughtful way, replying to her in a way that isn’t patronising or belittling. It is a good read for any parent wishing to understand what might be going on in the mind of their child, with some ideas about what might help them. Read her letter to a teen with gender dysphoria.