Autism expert concerned over autistic girls declaring a transgender identity

In The Times Newspaper, a global expert on autism, Prof Christopher Gillberg, says autistic girls are adopting trans identities as they are ‘particularly vulnerable to seizing on a single answer ‘to the lifelong identity problems they have suffered.’

The Times newspaper won court approval to publish the evidence provided by expert witnesses in the case of Mrs A and Keira Bell vs The Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust.

Medical transition is a standard treatment on the NHS “in spite of the non-existing research evidence that these treatments are of any long-term benefit to the young people in question” Gillberg said.

Gillberg has spent 45yrs helping autistic children: “he saw few cases of gender confusion until 2013” and he told the court “that, left alone, the condition usually resolved itself, and that as girls grew up they accepted that they wanted to live as women.”