Benjamin Boyce: Gender, Sexuality and Transition

Benjamin Boyce is an ex-pre-school teacher who began making videos about his experiences of being a student at Evergreen State College in Washington State, USA, during the events of June 2017. If you don’t know about, or haven’t even heard of the events that occurred at this liberal arts college, I highly recommend you watch this three-part documentary by filmmaker Mike Nayna, or watch Benjamin’s own video dissection of the events of that summer, currently in 23 parts. It is compelling viewing. If you want less of a deep-dive into the topic, read the account written by Heather Heying and Brett Weinstein in the Washington Examiner.

Benjamin then turned his hand to the art of long-form interviewing and investigative journalism. He has interviewed a great number of people to date about all aspects of contemporary cultural thought and of particular interest is his series of interviews covering gender, sexuality and transition. From clinicians and detransitioners to parents and transgender adults, the series takes a very in-depth look at this vast and complex topic.

Particular highlights of this series are his interviews with Dr Lisa Littman and Therapist Sasha Ayad, endocrinologist Dr Will Malone, Stephanie Davies-Arai of Transgender Trend and his interview with Dr Debrah Soh about Bill C-16, the US anti-conversion therapy legislation and its repercussions for exploratory therapy. He has also conducted a series of interviews with detransitioners, which can be viewed by following this link. All these interviews are linked below, but the whole series is worth a look and can be viewed on YouTube, or all his interviews can be found as podcasts.