Detransitioners: Videos

Transgender Trend wrote an article addressing the rise in YouTube vloggers describing their own transition through an ideological lens, and the influence this might have on young women who are confused or questioning their own identities. But with the rising number of detransitioners appearing on social media, there is a corresponding increase in the number of videos on YouTube cataloguing the thoughts, emotions and physical changes associated with detransition.

We have brought together just a few of them here. There are a variety of perspectives represented in these videos: some are hard to watch, a few are critical of the ideology and others still hold with transition being right for some people.

Detransitioning: My experience as a detrans male – Insightful account by a young man of what led him to reinvent himself as a woman.

I detransitioned and here are my thoughts on the trans community and transgenderism – the account of a male detransitioner ‘I was delusional’

Detransition: My Story and What I Wish I knew – Rival maverick, a female detrasitioner who medically transitioned.

Why I transitioned and detransitioned -Elle Palmer is a 20 year old female who detransitioned after 5 years living as a transman. She has several videos explaining various aspects of her detransition, what changes she has experienced since stopping hormones, and what returning to living as a woman has been like.

What the Hormones Didn’t Change: Sinead Watson – Sinead Watson talks to Benjamin Boyce about her medical and surgical transition through the adult gender clinic in Scotland, and what led to her detransition. 

Detransitioning: Why did I even transition? – Nele is a German female detransitioner who talks about her experiences of medical and surgical transition and what led her to detransition. She has several videos, one of which talks about alternative ways of dealing with gender dysphoria. She is one of the founders of post trans, a project to raise awareness of detransitioners and their stories. 

Erin Brewer has interviewed several detransitioners about their experiences, what led to their trans identification and how they came to detransition. The following list covers some of the interviews she has conducted. Of particular note are her interviews with Nem, where they cover autism and gender identity and Laura Reynolds, where they talk about not everyone with gender dysphoria being same-sex attracted.

Daisy Chadra


Laura Reynolds

Leoaica Montanelul

Butch Lesbian Erased

Detrans Voices


Nem, autism and gender identity

Detransitioning after years on Testosterone

As part of his series of videos on Gender, Sex and Sexuality, Benjamin Boyce has interviewed several detransitioners about their experiences. Of particular interest are the videos with Helena about social media influence and ‘Coming of age in the Digital era‘ with Sasha Ayad and detransitioner Ben.