Questions for your Parliamentary Candidates – What do they support?

Now is a great time to write to or attend hustings to hear from your local candidates seeking election to the next Parliament and to ask for their position on key topics impacting Bayswater families. Even if the candidate – or their representative knocking on doors – is likely to disagree with you, it’s important to register your views.

Below you will find some suggested questions, which you can also print as a PDF.


  • Do you commit to upholding the evidenced-based care model for children and adults as recommended in the Cass Report?
  • Do you support the recommendations of the Cass Review with regards to the adult population of under-25s? 
  • What is your position on groups like Stonewall influencing the NHS and medical settings to use ideological language such as “chest feeding” or “people with vaginas”?
  • Do you support the proposed NHS constitution changes, which clarify the importance of “sex” meaning the dictionary meaning of sex throughout the NHS and on medical records?
  • Will you support extending the existing emergency measures to ban all private prescriptions of puberty blockers for gender dysphoria?  Would you extend this to hormones for under-18s?
  • Would you commit to funding specialised services for detransitioners in the NHS as recommended by the Cass Review?
  • Do you think a charity under investigation for safeguarding breaches regarding children should a) continue to be in receipt of tax-exempt funding, and b) have access to children?  


  • Do you support the technical changes to KCSIE (statutory safeguarding document for schools), which removes the concept of the “transgender child” and clarifies that gender-questioning children often have underlying conditions such as autism and trauma?
  • Do you support the current draft of the RSE guidance, which clarifies that ‘gender identity ideology’ should not be taught in schools due to its highly contentious nature?
  • Would you support harmful practices like breast binding being banned in schools, and those supplying binders to children being criminalised?


  • How would you define gender identity conversion practices? Would you specifically exclude parents and clinical professionals from any relevant legislation?  Do you share the Cass Review’s concerns about the impact on recruitment if therapists fear criminalisation?
  • Would you address the legal limbo in which detransitioners find themselves, where they are permanently stuck as the opposite sex in legal terms and therefore unable to reverse their GRC?
  • Do you believe a GRC modifies sex for the purposes of the Equality Act (e.g. accessing single-sex spaces and jobs that are normally reserved for females only)?
  • (Labour and Green) Could lowering the voting age to 16 open the door to other changes, such as getting a GRC at a younger age and making consequential medical decisions such as accessing cross-sex hormones?