The chilling effect of conversion therapy bills

We are often told that conversion therapy bills have been introduced in other countries with no issues. Not so, according to Dr Alexander Korte, who describes the detrimental consequences of German CT legislation on clinicians.

Describing legislation introduced in Germany in June 2020, Dr Korte (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich) says:

“And specifically the German Act on Protection against Conversion Therapy has had a disastrous impact because many psychotherapists – whether that’s psychologists or clinical professionals – have said ‘Sorry, I’m not doing this. I will not expose myself to this risk any longer. There are potential ramifications for me in terms of professional liability, and I consider the risk to be too great’” 

Below is the link to original panel discussion in German hosted by @FrauenHeldinnen. The clip relating to conversion therapy (translated in the previous two tweets) begins at 31.10.

The reality is that conversion therapy risks outlawing anything other than unquestioning affirmation of the patient’s self-diagnosis. The result: a chilling effect on clinicians, and a single-track for patients that is at odds with evidence-based care.