The Policy Exchange Report on Gender and Safeguarding in Schools: A Summary for Parents

A detailed report by the Policy Exchange think-tank offers a useful overview of current school policies in relation to trans-identified students. An Examination of Gender and Safeguarding in Schools (published in March 2023) describes the existing statutory safeguarding framework, presents new data on current school practice, and makes recommendations for schools and government to address safeguarding deficiencies and tackle areas where policies deviate from statutory guidance and other legislation.

For parents of trans-identified children seeking support from their school, the report from Policy Exchange offers a practical summary of existing legal and safeguarding obligations. The report also reflects the findings of the interim NHS Cass Review and provides a basic introduction to the latest clinical understanding of youth gender distress, which may be particularly useful for education professionals with limited experience of this topic. In our summary, we have highlighted key sections of the report that parents can use to encourage compliance with safeguarding and other obligations while schools await publication of the Department for Education consultation on transgender guidance.