What do we know – Cornell University

At some point, most of our parents have been told by our children that gender transition is the only treatment for gender dysphoria, that it is a miraculous cure for all the feelings they have about themselves and their bodies. Cornell University’s ‘What We Know’ project conducted a literature review that seems to support this – they conclude that over 93% of the studies they included in their review reported a positive effect of transition on well-being. These appear to be some startling results, and appear to be compelling evidence of the benefits of transitioning.

But as we all know appearances can be deceiving.

JL Cederblom has written a comprehensive and well-referenced critique not only of the methods used by Cornell, but the conclusions they have drawn. We advise you read the whole article, but some highlights are:

  • The review meets only a couple of the 27 guidelines used to conduct the study
  • They have counted one study twice, admitted it, then didn’t alter the numbers
  • They have excluded studies that meet the criteria, including physical outcomes such as ‘death’ which is odd for a review of well-being
  • Some studies that had mixed or no effect, were included in the improved wellbeing category
  • Cornell raise no cautions about the low quality of the evidence they are assessing
  • The conclusions of the review do not reflect the data in the studies accurately

That the findings of the review differs from what is actually in the studies it cites is very concerning.

JL Cederblom