Top Ten Tips

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Our Top Ten Tips At Bayswater Support, we seek evidence-based care and are cautious about ‘affirmation’. Here are our top ten tips for when your child identifies as trans or…

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A History of Affirmation

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A huge thank you to SunMum, a Bayswater Parent who has researched and recorded this history of the affirmative approach to treating gender confusion in young people emerged in the…

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Mum A’s Story

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Mum A's Story I would like to thank Bayswater Support Group, for giving us this opportunity to promote our legal case against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust. This is…

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A New Way to Be Mad

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This article from The Atlantic discusses the phenomenon of apotemnophilia: the attraction to the idea of being an amputee. Some sufferers will even go so far as to seek out…

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Detransitioners: Videos

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Transgender Trend wrote an article addressing the rise in YouTube vloggers describing their own transition through an ideological lens, and the influence this might have on young women who are…

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Frequently Asked Questions What is gender dysphoria? Gender dysphoria is the term used to describe the distress and discomfort experienced when a person feels their biological sex does not align…

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Books on Transitioning

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Here we make some suggestions of books that may help you to understand more about transitioning: social, medical and/or surgical. From books on the current provision of transgender health, to…

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Video: Sasha Ayad

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Sasha Ayad is a therapist who works with children and young people who struggle with issues around their gender identity and gender dysphoria. She co-hosts the podcast Gender: A Wider…

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An A to Z of Terms

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An A to Z of Sex and Gender Sometimes the language our children use to describe their experiences can be confusing; whilst some words might be completely new to us,…

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Parent Story: Helen

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Until July 2016 we were a standard family. My husband, me and our two children – one son and one daughter. We raised our children to believe that toys, activities…

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Statement: Bayswater Support Group Shares Concerns of CQC Inspection Report, Calls for Enhanced Child Mental Health Support

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20 January 2021 Bayswater Support Group shares the concerns of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), whose inspection report today described the service provided by the NHS Gender Identity Development Service…

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